About us

About us

Our team is on a mission to scale professional mental health peer support with tech to address the mental health crisis.

We expand the mental health workforce by hiring and training young adults with diverse backgrounds to become certified Peer Support Specialists. On Peers.net, our telehealth platform, young adults and teenagers can book a 1 on 1 session with a peer supporter of their choice on demand.

We are building a future of flourishing minds for all: where everyone can be their best self and achieve their potential. Come join our team!

Our founding team has decades of tech, clinical and peer support experience and a passion for good mental health (our own and that of others). We are a fully distributed team, working from San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Boston, North Carolina and elsewhere!

Our founders

Obi Felten
Founder & CEO

Former product and marketing leader at Google, X, e-commerce startups.

Identifies as a cisgender woman in tech, wife of husband with bipolar, mother of kids with ADHD, first gen immigrant, Berliner (ask me about the wall). Trying to live in the present but often living in the future (ask me about self driving cars and AI in mental healthcare). Happiest when surrounded by family and friends, or by myself paddle-boarding on a lake.
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Kim Newell Green MD FAAP
Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Pediatrician and former Chief Innovation Officer at Kaiser Permanente.

Identifies as a pediatrician, mom, innovator and public health advocate among so much more. Loves connecting with teens and young adults as they navigate their path to adulthood. Loves developing high quality evidence-based programs, grounded in lessons I learned over two decades as a practicing pediatrician, teaching medical students as Associate Clinical Professor at UCSF, and former Chief Healthcare Innovation Officer at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco. How I flourish: I navigate the ups and downs of parenting two gorgeous strong-willed girls and a busy professional life with the support of an engaged and supportive peer network, exercising outdoors, and losing myself in a good book.
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Our team

Yu-Chi Kuo
Founding Engineer
( HE / HIM ) Identifies as a cisgender man, introvert, Taiwanese. Enjoys running and hiking outside of work.
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Hannah Schilpp
Head of Operations
( SHE / HER ) Identifies as a cisgender woman and the oldest sister of 4 girls. Happiest when spending time with friends and family and exploring the outdoors or a new coffee shop, town, or farmers market. Currently exploring somatics, herbalism, and baking with different flour types.
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Erika Rowen
Head of People
( SHE / HER ) I’m a Queer Cis Woman, Infertility Warrior and Solo IVF Mama. I’ve lived most of my life with co-existing conditions, the most recent being a late ADHD diagnosis in my 30s. I love hauling my toddler around on our cargo e-bike, crocheting blankets and amigurumi, and getting my hands dirty in my backyard vegetable garden.
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Alex 'Goldy' Goldman
Founding Product Manager
Identifies as a cishet woman, dog mama, outdoor enthusiast, and big proponent of women in STEM. I’ve spent my entire career focused on expanding access to healthcare services through technology and I’m especially passionate about supporting and empowering people to take control of their mental health. Happiest when endlessly walking through a new and unknown place, eating my weight in Pan-Asian cuisine, cuddling with my pups, making things with my hands, and spending quality time with loved ones.
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Shreya Singhvi
Associate Product Manager
( SHE / HER ) Identifies as a cisgender woman of color, a child of immigrants, and a lover of hobbies. Avid reader, mediocre rollerskater, and aspiring ceramicist. Based in San Francisco and busy soaking up the small moments of joy each day. Passionate about mental wellness and making space for people to show up as they are.
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Paola Veglio
Head of Marketing
( SHE / HER ) Identifies as a cisgender woman, first gen immigrant, and forever on-the-move soul. Strong New York vibes but even stronger Euro DNA. In recovery from big tech life, but still passionate about using tech to change the world for the better. Fired up by impossible challenges and unplanned adventures. Happiest when dancing at sunrise or randomly roaming around new cities with no map but great music in my headphones (though not always a genius move). Oh, and when cooking+eating with friends and loved ones. Always.
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Julia Tasiopoulos
Social Media Manager
( SHE / HER ) Identifies as a cisgender woman and former competitive athlete. Boston-based (Go Bruins). Motivated by friendly competition and learning what makes people tick (I’ll guess your Enneagram). Happiest when creating, dancing, making music, or squeezing my adorable nieces and nephews.
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Ally Linfoot
Head of Peer Support
Clare Stanfield
Lead Peer Support Specialist
Identifies as a White, queer, cisgender woman, allergy kid. I’m from Eastern Maryland, living in the middle of Oregon with my partner, Walter, my dog, Scraps, and my chosen family. At any moment, all of their names could be switched. I’m a survivor of multiple sexual assaults, and I’m learning what healing means more and more everyday. More than everything, I’ve learned the power and the knowledge that comes with honoring lived experience and instinctual knowledge.
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Our advisors

We are working closely with a multi-disciplinary advisory board who have mental health, peer support, clinical, scientific, digital health and marketplace expertise.

John Bailey
Policy and philanthropy advisor
Kali Cyrus MD MPH
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins University

Psychiatrist, DEI strategist, health policy.

Kelly Davis
Associate VP of Peer & Youth Advocacy, Mental Health America

Expert in peer support, peer certification, youth and young adult leadership, college mental health.

Linsey Morrison
Former VP Policy & Platform Ops, Eventbrite

Product and privacy attorney, community policy.

Manpreet Singh MD MS
Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Stanford University

Mood disorder researcher, practicing adolescent psychiatrist.

Sam McLean MD MPH
Director of the UNC Institute for Trauma Recovery, The University of North Carolina

ER physician, trauma researcher, digital phenotyping expert.

We’re growing!

We’re on a mission to make mental health support accessible to all by empowering people to support each other. Help us bring mental health support to everyone who needs it.