Our team

Our team is on a mission to bring accessible, affordable mental health support to everyone who needs it by empowering people to support each other, starting with college students. We do this by mobilizing and scaling peer support with tech. We are building a future of flourishing minds for all: where everyone can be their best self and achieve their potential. Come join our team!

Our founders have decades of tech, clinical and mental health experience and a passion for good mental health (our own and that of others). Our awesome student interns are the heart of our company, because we’re serious about designing with students, for students. We are a fully distributed team, working from San Francisco, Seattle, Maryland, London, India and elsewhere.

Obi Felten
Founder & CEO

Former product and marketing leader at Google, X, ecommerce startups.

Kim Newell Green MD FAAP
Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Pediatrician and former Chief Innovation Officer at Kaiser Permanente.

Allyson Linfoot
Head of Peer Support
Anastasia Zorlas
Product and UX Intern
Charles Metz
Day Jiménez
Head of Design
Hannah Schilpp
Head of Operations
Michelle Lake
Head of Training and Quality
Nathan Blanken
Product Intern
Shreya Singhvi
Chief of Staff
Sophie Lewis
Yu-Chi Kuo
Founding Engineer
Engineering Partner (team led by Urvik Patel)