For young adults mental health support for young adults from professional peer supporters

On, you get support from people who get you because they share your life experiences and identity, who are are a few years ahead of you in age. Book a video session with a trained peer supporter of your choice, on demand. Currently open to 18-30 year olds.

Work as a peer supporter

If you have experience of mental health challenges and are in recovery, you can train and work with us as a professional peer supporter. Provide emotional support, teach skills, and share knowledge from your own life experiences. We’ll provide training and certification. This is a part-time role with flexible hours, entirely online.

Partner with us

We’re looking for youth-led organizations and clubs to partner with us to get the word out about to their members. Please get in touch if you would like us to sponsor your mental health initiative or event, or get free peer support sessions for your group.

Join our advisory board

Our products are built with you, for you. We welcome feedback on what you think of the website and service. Join our advisory board to offer your insights on how we can improve.

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Track the ups and downs of your mind

Our helps you understand the ups and downs of your mind. Myala uses data to increase your emotional self-awareness by encouraging you to regularly check in with your feelings, your mood and other factors such as your motivation, sleep, mental focus and social interactions. You can also connect your Apple Watch, Fitbit or Oura Ring to integrate your sleep data.