Who we are

At Flourish Labs, we’re on a mission to bring accessible, affordable mental health support to everyone who needs it by empowering people to support each other. We believe that peer support is an effective, yet underutilized solution to the mental health crisis. Peer supporters use their own lived experience of mental health challenges to help others.

Our team

We are a fully distributed team, working from all around the world.

Advisory board

We are working closely with a multi-disciplinary advisory board.

We are growing the workforce of Certified Peer Supporters by training students in peer support skills, such as active listening, building rapport, strengths, self-care, coping strategies and safety. We’ll offer peer supporter jobs in our peer support network, launching later this year. Students who want support will be able to find Certified Peer Supporters in our network who match their needs, and book support sessions via our digital platform.

Our partners

We’re partnering with nonprofits and colleges to bring the peer supporter training and job opportunity to students. Youth Era, a peer-led organization based in Oregon who have deep experience in training youth peer supporters, is our training partner. We’ve been designing our program with Active Minds, the largest nationwide network of student mental health volunteers with chapters on over 600 college campuses.

Active Minds
Student outreach and codesign

Active Minds is the leading nonprofit organization supporting mental health awareness and education for young adults.

Youth Era
Peer support

Youth Era is a global leader in empowering young people through peer support, equipping them with tools to help themselves and their peers.

Crisis Text Line
Crisis support

Crisis Text Line provides free, high quality crisis support through text messaging. Trained, compassionate Crisis Text Line crisis counselors are available 24/7 for any crisis, not just suicide.

Research team

We also offer a free app, myala, which helps students track the ups and downs of their mind, connects them to crisis support and makes it easier to reach out to their friends for support. Stanford professor Dr. Manpreet Singh, University of North Carolina professor Dr. Sam McLean and the WGU Labs research team will lead an independent research study on myala.

Manpreet Singh MD MS
Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Stanford University

Mood disorder researcher, practicing adolescent psychiatrist.

Sam McLean MD MPH
Director of the UNC Institute for Trauma Recovery, The University of North Carolina

ER physician, trauma researcher, digital phenotyping expert.

WGU Labs
E-Learning Providers

WGU Labs builds and invests in innovative education products that have a transformative impact on higher education.