Flourish Labs

We’re hiring!

You’ve all seen those posts on your LinkedIn and Twitter feed where a startup announces their round and investors, and everyone comments on how excited they are about working together. I never understood the point of those announcements; they felt so self-congratulatory. Surely the real news is about the products we build and the users we serve, not merely that we raised some money. And then someone explained to me what those announcements are really about: letting prospective team members know that we are hiring… Well, we’re hiring!

Here’s why you should join us

Kim Newell Green (paediatrician, former Chief Innovation Officer at Kaiser Permanente) and I (product, marketing & moonshots at Google, X and ecommerce startups) started Flourish Labs with a vision of flourishing minds for all: a future where everyone can be their best self and achieve their potential. We’re on a mission to bring accessible, affordable mental health support to everyone who needs it by empowering people to support each other, starting with college students. We do this by mobilizing and scaling peer support with tech. We believe that peer support is an effective, yet underutilized solution to the mental health crisis. 

Peer supporters use their own lived experience of mental health challenges to help others. We are growing the peer supporter workforce by training college students in peer support skills, such as active listening, building rapport, strengths, self-care, coping strategies and safety. We’ll offer jobs in our peer support network, launching later this year. Students who seek support will be able to find Certified Peer Supporters in our network who match their needs, and book support sessions via our digital platform.

Our founding team includes Hannah Schilpp, Head of Operations (previously ran ops at 3 early stage healthcare startups, peer support experience); Shreya Singhvi, Chief of Staff (one of our former interns, recent Berkeley neurobiology & psychology graduate); Yu-Chi Kuo, Founding Engineer (previously Google, DeepMind & Facebook). We also have two awesome interns, Anastasia Zorlas (Northeastern Business major doing a Coop placement with us) and Nathan Blanken (U Maryland CS major & Active Minds chapter lead – see Nathan’s blogpost about his summer internship).

This work takes a village, so we’re grateful to our partners and advisors who bring their peer support, lived experience, clinical, digital health and learning design expertise. We’re excited to be working with Alison Malmon, Becky Fein and Laura Horne at Active Minds, Jammie Gardner, Tia Barnes and Martin Rafferty at Youth Era, Betheny Gross and Jason Levin at WGU Labs, Joanna Strober at Midi Health, Kali Cyrus at Johns Hopkins, Kelly Davis at Mental Health America, Linsey Morrison at Eventbrite, Manpreet Singh at Stanford University, Sam McLean at University of North Carolina, and Shuranjeet Singh at Taraki. 

We recently closed our seed round led by Gradient Ventures and Collaborative Fund, with participation from Learn Capital, WGU Labs, Tiny VC and wonderful angels. Thank you all for backing us!

We’re looking for a diverse bunch of company builders, peer supporters, product and marketing folks

Please check out our career page at to see open roles, why and how we care deeply about diversity, equity and inclusion, and the wonderful benefits we offer (Kim and I worked at Kaiser and Google before we set up Flourish Labs and appreciate good health insurance!)

We are currently hiring for the following roles: Founding Product Manager; Founding Marketing Manager; Product Designer (freelance/contract to perm opportunity); Peer Support Supervisor (licensed or unlicensed), Certified Peer Supporter, Peer Support Apprentice.

If none of those roles are a fit but you love our mission, we’d still love to hear from you. Just fill in our application form and select ‘Anything Role’ when we ask you what role you are interested in.